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Ignite is the brainchild of a couple guys at O’Reilly and we are really lucky to have one organized locally. This is all about learning from the people in your community and getting more connected with the world around us.

Ignite is an event where presenters talk about any topic they like. The best presentations are when the speaker has a passion for the topic and wants to inspire, educate or simply inform the audience. Each presentation is exactly 5 minutes long with 20 slides automatically advancing after just 15 seconds.

Ignite Bloomington is an event for geeks from all walks of life. Many of the participants are creatives and folks from the tech industry, but we have lawyers, entrepreneurs and educators as well. You just need an idea to share and the guts to get up in front of the room and tell everyone about it.

Ignite is a great way to meet new people and learn new things. We post videos of the local talks and share with the world.

The event is coordinated and run by local volunteers who are connected to the global Ignite network. O’Reilly sponsors Ignite and is “a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in each city.”

Ignite 11

Bloomington Ignite #11

April 11th, 2014 at the The Bishop

Part of The Combine 2014

Doors open at 5pm.

$5 tickets sold at the door.

Combine ticket holders get in free with badge.



Katie Birge

“Overcoming Gingerism: Being Nice to Your Redheaded Friends”

Charles Brandt

“Go: the Best Game Ever”

Justin W. S. Ford

“Empowering Privilege”

LuAnne Holladay

“Collaborating on Canvas”

Angela Horn

“Building a Compassionate Community Through Listening”

Faye Jameson

“Engage and Inspire: How hYPe is Connecting our Community”

Willie Lockhart

“A Band with No Instruments”

Matthew Myers

“Why You Never Need to Exercise Again”

Adam Quirk

“Twelve Thousand Years – The Story of Gin”

Emili Sperling

“Let’s Get Pepped–Professional Coaching Pep Talk for Millennials”




Torch Level Sponsors

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Match Level Sponsors


Sponsorship Levels:

All levels get the sponsor’s name and social media info Tweeted and posted on Facebook.  Logo also shown at the event in our slide deck shown before, during intermission and at the end of the event.

  • $125 - match - supports 1 event, logo small on common logo page with others of same level + 2 free tickets
  • $250 - torch - supports 1 event, logo on own page + 4 free tickets
  • $500 - blowtorch- supports 2 events, logo on own page + 4 free tickets to each event
  • $1,000 - flamethrower - supports 4 events, logo on own page + 4 free tickets to each event

We truly appreciate all of our past and future sponsors in helping us bring this unique event to Bloomington since 2010. Email us if you would like to be involved and help make Ignite Bloomington great.

Ignite Bloomington is organized locally and run by volunteers.

Ignite Bloomington is a project of

Humanetrix Foundation, Inc.





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